Our Services

Serendipity Sales Solutions have the knowledge, experience and expertise to develop and implement a full range of marketing services. Frommarket research to customer service campaigns, these help ensure your continued success in the marketplace. Using our unique experience we work on your behalf to deliver suitable campaigns right through to analysis and reporting. We take the pressure off you and help to reduce the investment you make in establishing full time employees.

Tailored Campaigns

• Quality Market Research and Customer Service Campaigns
• Gaining the attention of the right people in your target markets
• Effective Customer Service calls with or without survey questionnaires
• Specific campaigns - exhibitions & events

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Customer Service Campaigns

To retain existing customers and help create excellent service and performance for your customers, we design and implement customer service campaigns, considered an essential tool to use on a regular basis.

Successful customer service means listening to what your customers have to say about you and the product or service you provide. It involves excellent communication. Our core competency is getting in touch with your customers on your behalf by conducting professional friendly calls or creating online or postal surveys. We can inform, create a better relationship, and provide information and key questions and answers to help grow your business.

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