About Us

Serendipity Sales Solutions provides Market Research, Telemarketing and Website Design Solutions to local businesses throughout the UK. We are proud of our dedication to provide our clients with the very best solutions. Our focus is always to continually maintain a reliable and personal service providing top performance and the best results for our clients.

Our commitment to your business

We hold valuable beliefs which we consider are essential to the way we look after our client's businesses. We are passionate about our contribution to their success in the marketplace.  Our responsibility is to be fully committed to getting the best results and keeping everyone up to date with the progress of each project. We ensure that all work is on schedule, allowing our client's time to concentrate on other important areas of their business.

Trust and Understanding

We take a “pro-active” approach to fully understand what is required, remaining in contact with clients on a regular basis to see that they are pleased with our service. All of our first time clients have trusted us with on going marketing activities throughout project life cycles... Learn More

Top Performing Experts

You are important to us and we value your business. You will get used to us going that ‘extra mile’ for you and feel confident that you are working with the best in the industry ...

Why choose Serendipity Sales Solutions

'Serendipity's enthusiasm, thoroughness and accuracy throughout the dental laboratory research project was most impressive. We have received more reliable and in-depth data than ever before'. Rebecca Evans, British Dental Industry Association

'Not only did Serendipity get us more meetings (four times as many in fact) than 2 other companies who worked from the same data, but the quality of the meetings were vastly superior and the “drop out” rate was negligible'. Paul Chapman – Commercial Director Explosive Marketing.